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I’m listening to The Martian audio book again in honor of Perseverance landing. Almost 10 years later and it already feels quaint that their lander had to be manually piloted.

A United 777-200 had an engine break apart over Denver today. It’s always crazy how many pictures and videos the internet is able to collect so quickly. twitter.com/airlineflyer/statu

In the early days there was the threat of "if you miners fab ASICs, we'll just fork the chain and make your ASICs worthless" but that seems to have died down. Now that Ethereum is moving towards proof of stake it's less attractive. However, miners are naturally long these assets and the underlying paper value has shot up so maybe they do have tons of capital to get some silicon fabbed. F2Pool for example is still trying them.

@jlamothe True that it still boils down to: is the asset being mined worth fabricating ASICs. Again in the case of Ethereum, part of the ASIC-resistance comes from having to load the chain's entire Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) into memory to perform the hashing. While GPUs are remaining above the current 4GB size, some of the ASICs are no longer functional as they have <4GB onboard. Similarly as smart-contracts can do any work via the EVM, ASICs have to be general processors vs BTC scrypt ASICs.

@jlamothe There are chains that use ASIC-resistant hashing algorithms. Ethereum, for example, uses Ethash which was originally billed as needing a block of memory to complete hashes and only sees minimal performance gains when using ASICs or FPGAs. Bitcoin and its forks are all ASIC-able though.

“... this is a reminder to return your Comcast equipment...” it feels good to be on municipal fiber and no longer stuck under Comcast.

Yes, later in secondary school we likely learned to check the citations and confirm the sources which solved our need then. What I'm more bummed out by is how long it takes for people to realize "oh I understand why someone would contribute" if they ever get there at all.

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I wish teachers taught us how to make Wikipedia better for all those years rather than just staying it's an unreliable source.

Supposedly this is what Parler folks are asking for in terms of cloud infrastructure. Ooof!


now it performs work.
narrowly restarted this time.
the next, just metal?

Backups are only as good as the last restore test. 😌

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@sir agreed that enabling JS is a steep ask. If staying with argon2 it'd require RAM which is useful. By farming I more meant performing multiple account registrations worth of work on a large hourly VM somewhere. Not sure if that's worth that amount of effort though.

@sir I could see how being able to close the browser and perform the work elsewhere would likely have fewer adverse affects on other browsing and would be less likely to be interrupted 20 minutes in. But that’d depend on external binaries and more susceptible to “farming”. Caveat is I’m not a Tor user so don’t count this as user feedback, just UX curious.

@sir I saw your `mkproof` repo. To clarify: are you intending that the user starts (or completes) the registration flow but, if done over Tor, is presented with a challenge. They then perform the work to complete the challenge outside the browser and come back with their proof at a later time? In other words they register and can come back in a second session to complete the proof, then the account is "active".

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@sir is there somewhere you’d point someone to start their study of the Linux development model?

"Impossible Checkbox" on codepen, give it a couple clicks for the full effect 🐻 codepen.io/jh3y/pen/LYNZwGm

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