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@cassidyjames I enjoy their embedded calendar/booking feature as well and have seen vendors put it in their user registration flow to schedule a time with a sales rep after creating an account. I switched to though since it was cheaper (now they both have free tiers) and I liked being able to copy their email addresses in a thread to schedule meetings with people.

Who has run an IRC network? What prompted it and what was surprising/interesting? Not looking for hostname and ports, just curious about the stories.

“A network admin gets stuck on a deserted island with a spade, granola bar, and single piece of fiber. He laughs, eats the granola bar, and buries the fiber.

24 hours later a construction crew came to dig it up, and he was saved.”


Next, dev tools: gcc, g++, Docker, nvm, nodejs, yarn, zsh, vs code, jdk, platform clis (AWS, digitalocean, GCP), terraform, kubectl, cmake, hashicorp vault

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First off installing Ubuntu 18.10 desktop. It’s a sane default and I won’t have to do too much fiddling to get rolling. It’s what customers are likely to use and should have decent hardware support. So far display is perfect, WiFi working, pointer nib responds, and Bluetooth connections are a-ok.

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I picked up a refurbished T560 and am going to give it a try as another development machine. Goal us to use it for firmware development and to test customer-facing tools on Linux. Initial set up tonight...

Someday someone running for pubic office is going to have to explain away some scandalous thing they put or contributed to on GitHub, Gitlab, Bitbucket, etc...

Anyone know of anything that backs up the claim here that reCAPTCHA is just having you solve more puzzles to train the classifiers more? Rather than “you actually failed picking the images with busses”.

I wonder why GraphQL is an enterprise level feature for Contentful? Maybe it's likely to be abused with overly complex queries or priced to offset that compute requirement?

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Don't understand Fourier Transforms or why they're such a profound discovery? Posting this again because it's so cool:

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For every EULA you read completely, lose 1D6 SAN points and gain 1 point of Forbidden Lore.

If you merely glance at or skim the EULA, lose 1 SAN point and gain no Forbidden Lore.

If you close your eyes and click Accept without reading, roll 1D6. On a 2 or lower, lose 1 SAN point anyway (you peeked) and gain no Lore. Otherwise, breath a sigh of relief - you have escaped with your mind unscathed, for now - but add one point of Corporate Dark Karma, to be used when the GM chooses.

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Not only is this vuln interesting but the fact "... if you’ve ever installed the Zoom client and then uninstalled it, you still have a `localhost` web server on your machine that will happily re-install the Zoom client for you, without requiring any user interaction on your behalf besides visiting a webpage"

It'd be awful for many services but think about how great being able to visit metro.geo and have the zone be delegated to the metro servicing your area.

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So this would be terrible but is a fun thought: what if you offered domain registration but answered NS records based on the client's geo? Per-region domain registrations would be fun.

FB’s chain will have support for validators and smart contracts.

"#315: Dance Like No One Is Watching, Encrypt Like Everyone Is" thanks AWS podcast, I'm stealing that title as my new life motto.

How do other orgs catalog all their Git repositories? We’re about to break 1K and are wondering if this is a solved problem already.

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