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In the mid 1990's the team at Netscape first created a feature that allowed browsers of the web to view the HTML that was sent by the webserver for the page you were currently browsing. I had never thought about "view source" (or it's older cousin "inspect") as a feature that someone had to come up with in a browser.

I was able to get custom built Windows Server images deployed in AWS with today. One config file for keys, VPCs, security groups, EBS volumes, etc.

If you haven’t looked at , infrastructure as code is worth it just no avoid having to click through cloud platform web UIs!

Nothing inspires confidence more than your vendor's support portal keeps responding with 504's

Have you verified your backups lately?

Docker Hub Hacked – 190k accounts, GitHub tokens revoked, builds disabled

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3 professional association football players vs. 100 kids

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